What is MetricsHub?

MetricsHub is a universal metrics collector for OpenTelemetry[1] which extracts metrics from any resource - either locally or remotely - and pushes the collected data to any observability back-end supporting OpenTelemetry like Prometheus, New Relic, ServiceNow, Splunk, etc.

What is MetricsHub for?

MetricsHub natively collects metrics about:

  • Operating systems (typically Windows and Linux)
  • A variety of platforms (HyperV, MIB2, LibreHardwareMonitor, and more).

Fully customizable, MetricsHub can also be configured to cover new use cases in no time, such as the monitoring of systems or applications not covered out-of-the-box through protocols like HTTP, IPMI, SNMP,SSH, WBEM, WinRM, WMI.

Refer to Community Connector Platforms[2] for the exhaustive list of supported platforms.

How does MetricsHub work?

MetricsHub comes with the MetricsHub Agent, also called the engine, which performs the monitoring of all the configured resources. It collects and sends metrics to the OTLP receiver of your observability back-end.

MetricsHub also comes with a CLI (metricshub) you can invoke in a shell for troubleshooting the monitoring of a system, protocols, and credentials.

How will MetricsHub be licensed?

MetricsHub will be available in two editions: the Community and Enterprise editions.

The Community Edition will be open-source and come with basic monitoring features. With this edition, you will be able to:

The Enterprise Edition will grant access to a library of 250+ connectors which allows monitoring the hardware of hundreds of systems from any manufacturer (Cisco, Dell, EMC, Fujitsu, Hitachi, HP, IBM, Lenovo, NetApp, Oracle, etc.) through HTTP, IPMI, SSH, SNMP, WBEM, WMI, or WINRM.

This impressive library is the result of 20+ years of a development effort led by Sentry Software[5]. This library is used in production on hundreds of thousands of systems around the world.

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