General Concepts


Connectors are yaml files which describe how to collect metrics about a specific resource (a host, an application, a service, etc.). There are two types of connectors:

  • The Community Connectors which are open-source and bring basic monitoring coverage,
  • The Enterprise Connectors which are a proprietary library of connectors developed by Sentry Software[1] which offers extended hardware monitoring.

Anyone is encouraged to create their own connectors and share them with the community[2].


Telemetry data collected by MetricsHub which provide valuable information about the monitored resource.


Custom connector, set in metricshub.yaml, which defines how to collect metrics about a specific resource. A monitor defines a job which executes sources, computes, and collects metrics.


OTLP is the OpenTelemetry protocol used to exchange data between MetricsHub and an observability back-end.

OTLP Receiver

An OTLP receiver acts as an entry point for metrics into an observability back-end or OpenTelemetry Collector.

Resource Group

Resource group helps organize and manage the monitored resources in a structured manner.


Generic term to cover anything monitored by MetricsHub. A resource can be a host, a service, an application, etc.

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