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At MetricsHub®, we lead the evolution in monitoring and observability technologies. Our commitment: equip our partners with the most sophisticated tools in the industry, while championing open standards like OpenTelemetry. Join our growing community of resellers and integrators, and leverage a competitive edge to expand your business with innovative monitoring and observability projects.

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Why Experts Choose MetricsHub®

Fresh Tech, Open Tech, Green Tech


Position yourself at the forefront of innovation with the latest in monitoring and observability, ensuring you're recognized as a tech leader.

Open-Source Standards

Embrace open-source with MetricsHub®, guaranteeing freedom from proprietary constraints and zero switching costs.


Distinguish your offerings with a software-only solution that not only monitors but actively reduces energy usage and carbon emissions by 7%.

Rapid Deployment

  • Start Fast and Free: Kickstart projects with MetricsHub® Community at no cost, setting up in under an hour! Install MetricsHub® Enterprise with a 30-day free trial to showcase its exclusive features.
  • Out-of-the-Box Coverage: With hundreds of connectors for all infrastructure types, MetricsHub® Enterprise meets all your customers' needs effortlessly.
  • Easy Integration: Seamlessly adapt to past and future customer environments with OpenTelemetry and its extensive platform integration capabilities.

Partner Testimonial

For a PoC, we configured MetricsHub® to monitor 20 systems and an app in the morning; by noon, metrics were flowing into the client's timeseries database. They were astounded—we had to prove it was real data! They signed within days to monitor their full infrastructure.

S. Marioni, SMC Consulting

Build Your Architecture with MetricsHub®


Adapt MetricsHub® to specific customer needs with no-code solutions—speeding up deployment and cutting costs.


MetricsHub® serves as a robust component of any observability platform, enhancing features like dashboarding, correlation, and AIOps.

Partner-First Approach

Generous Incentives

Enjoy attractive upfront discounts and special rates for early adopters to maximize your opportunities.

Brand Exposure

We promote your company as a MetricsHub® reseller in your region, driving users to you for their observability needs.

Non-Compete Guarantee

Your customers remain yours. We will never compete with you.

Direct Support

Gain direct access to our experts via a dedicated Slack channel or our Partner Portal.

Join Our Network of Trusted Partners

Become a part of a community shaping the future of technological monitoring and observability. Two decades of innovation are at your fingertips, ready for deployment.

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